If you wish to contribute to the Blaze project, you mus follow this rules. Non-conformity with any of this policies can lead to a ban from the project.

No power structure

In the Blaze project, there is no king. This doesn't mean that the project doesn't have a leader (it does), rather that no opinion is above another only by merit of the person making it. Any opinion must be argumented, and cannot be taken at face value, regardless of the person making it. There is only a small exception to this rule. If the argument being made is about aesthetics, or two compiting arguments have proven to hold simillar value, the maintainers decision will prevail over any other.


This policy is easy and simple. When addressing another contributor, you should do so politely. This means that any insult or mean-spirited comment towards another individual, or grup of individuals, will not be tolerated.

No politics

This is also a simple policy. No topics, other than those directly involving the project, should be discussed in issues or PRs. A violation of this policy will result in the perpetrators being immediatelly banned.